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The Pure Chiropractic Difference
At Pure Chiropractic, you will receive individualized chiropractic care to meet your family's needs.  I specialize in several techniques that vary so I am able to adjust the smallest infant to the biggest dads.  Through precise and accurate spinal adjustments, I am able to reduce abnormal tensions in the spinal cord that allows your body to regulate and adapt to the environment.  I am continuing my education in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to complete my Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).   This unique training will expand my professional ability in adjusting techniques, evaluation, and assessment of different stages of development: from pregnancy, birth, and infancy throughout childhood.

Prenatal Care
I understand the importance of a healthy pregnancy, which is why I completed the requirements needed to be officially Webster certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).   Webster certified doctors are taught gentle adjusting techniques, individual case management systems and evidence-informed practice to best care for pregnant women. In addition to this, doctors are given an in-depth view of birth and are provided with the necessary skills and resources to support women who want safer natural births.  This allows me to better serve pregnant women who are preparing for safer and easier birth outcomes. This technique includes a specific chiropractic pelvic analysis and accompanying adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of pelvic misalignment and to restore normal function and balance in the pelvis. 

While I have been pregnant, I have been under regular chiropractic care and was able to experience pregnancy without the miserable side effects like back pain and uterine strain.  During the birth of my first son, I was fortunate to have my dad (who is also a chiropractor) present and he was able to adjust me as needed through the birthing process.  With every adjustment I eased into the next phase of labor and was fortunate enough to have a 4-hour active labor! It was amazing to see how each adjustment aided the birthing process to progress to the next phase and lead to a healthy and natural delivery of my first son. 

Pediatric Care
Children are wonderful human beings that seem to have endless amounts of energy.  And along with this energy comes bumps and bruises along with other every-day stress in life.  These stresses in life not only occur from the falls we see every day, but also through the birthing process, sitting in school all day and looking down at tablets.  These daily stresses can cause imbalances to the nervous system.  In adults, we often experience aches and pains, but in children, this can show differently.  In addition to aches and pains, it is also common for children to show nervous system interference with a decreased immune systems, digestive issues, ADD/ADHD and chronic ear infections.  I use gentle and non-invasive pediatric techniques, allowing your child's nervous system to function without interference and allow them to operate at their optimum potential.

Family Care
As the saying goes, "If mom isn't happy, no one is happy" but we all know that extends to everyone in the entire family.  I understand the importance of having the entire family happy and and strive to provide affordable family care.
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