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April showers bring…. Allergies??

A mild winter has led to an early spring and that means beautiful weather, time for kids to play outside (perfect timing for those of us stuck at home with children!) and unfortunately it can also mean it’s time for the seasonal allergies that affect so many people!

Seasonal allergies are often caused by pollens, but can also be caused by molds, chemicals, or anything else the body sees as harmful. When your body detects these allergens, it releases antibodies to attack the offender, which then triggered a histamine release. Although this natural reaction is created to help expel the unwanted pathogen, it causes not-so-fun symptoms like itchy/watery eyes, sinus congestion and difficulty breathing.

There are a wide range of over-the-counter medications that people reach for, but there are also some safer and more natural alternatives out there. Some of my favorite home remedies include the following:

  1. Clean out your nose. Allergens attach to the inside of your mucus membranes and can cause some annoying symptoms. Here are some useful tips to safely use nasal irrigation and sprays.

  2. Manage stress. Now more than ever, we are under a lot of stress with the events of the world. These stress hormones can overtax your body and immune system, making it more difficult to adapt. Stress-management techniques such as meditation, self-care and relaxation may actually help your allergies.

  3. Natural supplementation. Some herbs and supplements have been shown to help reduce the histamine release in your body and can support your nasal and sinus passageways if you anticipate seasonal allergies. If you are interested in specific recommendations or would like to order my most-recommended allergy supplements, please send me an e-mail.

  4. Visit a chiropractor. Regular chiropractic care may help reduce stress on your nervous system and can allow you to function more efficiently.

Yours in Health,

-Dr. Alisha

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